Paying for a funeral

As members of the NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors) we will always give you a clearly itemised estimate of the funeral expenses prior to the funeral taking place.

The cost of a funeral comprises many elements but they fall into two main categories;

a) The Funeral Directors costs
This would include all our services such as all the organisation administration and paperwork, collection of the person who has died and their subsequent care until the funeral, provision of staff on the day of the funeral, vehicles, provision of the coffin and can include the removal of a memorial to allow a burial to take place or the provision of a casket for cremated remains and arrangement of an interment of ashes after the funeral has taken place.

Click to see our standard current prices C. W. Lyons Price List and our Terms of Business and Disclosure of Interests.

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b) Third party costs otherwise known as disbursements
These may include (dependent upon the type of funeral chosen) Crematorium fees, Cemetery fees, Church fees, Minister’s/non-religious Celebrant’s fees, Doctors fees, Newspaper notices, Printing, musicians and many other fees if not directly charged by the Funeral Director.

For all funerals we require the payment of all Disbursements before the funeral takes place. Click to see our local Local Crematorium Price List

The balance of the account is to be paid within two months following the date of the funeral.

Occasionally, at our discretion, we may ask for full payment in advance of the funeral.

Simple Basic Funerals

We offer a simple basic funeral service specifically for people with more restricted finances. It is a dignified but very simple service with certain restrictions designed to reduce the over-all costs. Details about this are available on request.

Government assistance

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) may assist certain people on specific means-tested benefits with the payment for a funeral. If you think you may be eligible you may pick up a form SF200 from Jobcentre Plus.

N.B. Even if you qualify for a Social Fund payment it will not fully cover the cost of a funeral. There is usually a short-fall of several hundred pounds. The disbursements for the funeral will still need to be paid in advance.

Where there is simply no money available for a funeral

Unfortunately there are occasions when people die leaving no money or property behind. If nobody is able to pay for a funeral there is a provision for every person who dies in this country to have a dignified funeral. In order for this to happen, the local Authority need to be informed that nobody is willing to pay for the funeral. They will then take over and appoint their contracted funeral director to provide a funeral. When this occurs you must be aware that you have no say as to when the funeral takes place and what form the funeral service takes, although you should be able to attend to pay your respects.

Pre-payment Funeral Plans

Many people choose to pre-arrange their funeral to avoid placing a burden upon their families or partners. Please see our section on this website about Pre-arranged funeral plans.