Something a little different

These days there are many ways to make a funeral a truly unique occasion. Over the years we have learned to be adaptable and imaginative when called for. Our staff will never try to persuade you to have any of the following options but we thought it might be helpful to list just some of the things we have come across. We do not have these ourselves but can organise and hire in whatever may be needed.


  • Horse-drawn hearse, dray cart and limousines
  • Motorcycle hearse
  • Specific makes of vehicle available e.g Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler etc.
  • Specific colours of vehicles such as a pink or white hearse
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Larger stretch limousines


  • Bagpiper
  • Solo singers
  • Jazz band
  • Choirs
  • Military bugler


  • Willow, Banana leaf, Bamboo, Pandanus grass woven coffins
  • Rustic pine coffins
  • Cardboard coffins
  • Colourful bespoke coffins
  • Unusually shaped coffins (subject to burial authority approval)
  • Solid wood hand-crafted coffins and caskets
  • Coffins made to be decorated by family and friends of the deceased.

During the service:

  • Mourners in fancy dress
  • Particular colours of clothing for people attending
  • Football team colours
  • Flowers to be placed on the coffin or in the grave
  • Various flags to drape over the coffin
  • Unusual floral tributes

After the committal:

  • Releasing of doves
  • Releasing of Balloons
  • Releasing of butterflies (if available)
  • Cards impregnated with flower seeds to plant in memory of someone.

For cremated remains:

  • Various ashes urns and caskets of many varieties of metal, wood, cardboard, willow etc.
  • Ashes incorporated into glass ornaments and jewellery
  • Ashes turned into man-made gem stones
  • Ashes urns designed to be cast into the sea
  • Small amounts of ashes held within jewellery containers
  • Fireworks made to contain and then disperse ashes


  • Homemade order of service sheets
  • Bespoke order of service sheets
  • Attendance cards