Why take out a plan?

Many people these days consider planning their funeral in advance. Some would like to pay for it in advance too. In line with our company ethos; we do not try to persuade people to take out a funeral plan. Maybe you would prefer to spend your money on the holiday of a lifetime? But for those who do wish to make pre-arrangements there are a number of options.

If you do not wish to pre-pay any funeral expenses you can let your executors or next of kin know your wishes regarding your funeral. A letter of Wishes can be attached to your Will although you must take into account that it is not legally binding. You can also tell your Funeral Director about your plans and we will keep them on record.

For those who want to organise and pay for their funeral we offer pre-arranged funeral plans.

We do not hold your money personally as only Registered Trust Funds or Insurance Companies are allowed to operate these plans and we are just a small family business.

Why take out a plan?

  • You have the peace of mind of choosing every aspect of your funeral from the venue to the music.
  • Your executor or next of kin do not have to worry about making too many decisions.
  • Your funeral costs are mostly all met without burdening your loved-ones.
  • A legitimate funeral plan is secure and guaranteed and you will not be paying over the odds for the funeral.
  • The Funeral Director’s charges are fully pre-paid. These represent around two thirds of the total funeral costs. No matter what happens to our prices you will not be charged anything more at the time of need unless anything extra is required.
  • The cost of third party payments is also paid at current rates. This part of the cost is invested and earns interest. At the time of need the third party costs are totalled and compared to your payment plus the interest it has earned. If there is a short-fall there will be a small bill for the difference. The reason these costs are not fully guaranteed as paid is that the parties involved may increase their fees far above the rate of inflation from time to time which no investment can earn enough to fully cover.